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Our customized search process focuses on identifying the most efficient, cost-effective strategy to attract and secure the best talent in the industry who will thrive in your organizational culture. But that’s not the only reason to choose Cambridge as your search partner:

Senior Search Partner Involvement

The involvement of a senior partner in every search we conduct is what sets Cambridge apart from most search firms. Our senior partners don’t just work with our clients, they direct the search strategy, conduct interviews, assess candidates, communicate with both sides, negotiate the offer, and provide expert advise on issues like interviewing, compensation, market conditions, and competitive information.

Local Market Knowledge

Cambridge works in many different industries, but each of our partners specializes in an industry niche, which gives us a broad overview across industries, complemented by in-depth knowledge within each industry. Our search partners have strong networks within their respective markets, and can provide valuable insights into the competition, the business climate, candidate pools and compensation levels.

International Reach

Cambridge works with search partners in cities around the world to provide local market expertise and broad candidate reach, while ensuring that your organization retains full control over the search process.


As a confidential resource, we can represent your organization in the marketplace without alerting your competitors to your activities, and particularly those that may be difficult for you to recruit from directly.


A search partner is a truly objective third party with expertise in hiring and an understanding of the specific issues and sensitivities your organization faces, and can help ensure that your hiring process doesn’t get skewed towards a particular candidate or group by political pressure.

If you’re seeking a search partner that you can trust with your critical hiring needs, call one of our senior partners for more information…

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